Get to know Julia Mozer

An interview with Julia Mozer in the light of the 'Countering hate speech' course.

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Julia Mozer

Originally from Hungary, Julia studied Marketing and Business Management in Denmark, France and England. After working for two years in Hungary and China, she completed her Master degree in Media and Public Relations at Leicester University, where she wrote her dissertation on ageism in the media. Dedicated to spreading the word of good causes, Julia joined CEJI-A Jewish contribution to an inclusive Europe in October 2016 as Communication Officer. 

Since then she has gained extensive experience on issues related to countering and monitoring of hate speech and having developed the Facing Facts Online course on hate speech, she now mainly works as Hate Speech Advisor. In this position, she coordinated the adaptation of the course into German, French and Italian and participates in regular monitoring exercises of online hate speech, also within the framework of the European Commission’s Code of Conduct.

She previously participated in a research on counter-speech methods and continues to read and research toxic online behaviors – and their mental costs. Keeping a close eye on the latest trends of counter-actions from grassroots level to policy-making, she is passionate about digital safety, shaping our online spaces to be more respectful and more inclusive.


Course overview

  1. Introduction

    Introduces the course and the topics we cover.

  2. What is hate speech

    In this module we talk about what hate speech is and we go through the definitions that are out there.

  3. Safety

    In this module we go over some practical tips and tools to protect your privacy. We talk about technical safety and emotional safety.

  4. Counter-action

    In this module we look at differnt forms of counter-actions. Ranging from reporting and removing all the way to counter speech, counter campaigns and even more.